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A New World Coming: Notes


Items in red are modification from last version - so you can quickly find changes.
There are 4 areas of notes:  General, Videos, Audios, & Products.


There are 17 sessions in the series.  Running from September 14 to October 1.  Mostly the same production crew as last year.
10/16/2016 - Church You-Tube account has been created.  We have tested the low quality video first.....and it is not very good.  You-Tube is recoding the video and not good.  We will test with higher quality videos soon.

Videos (online):

Probably no HD available before the end of the series, but will try to get ready as soon as possible.
Low resolution will be available on the church website.  Also evaluating other online sources.
10/18/2016 - All 17 Sessions are up.  Quality is good enough for web streaming.  Please report issues.  Thank you again for your patience.
10/30/2016 - Replacing Part 13 with new version.  The date on the intro screen was wrong.  Corrected for Best and Low quality.

Audios (online):

10/01/2016 - All 17 audio files are online.  So the online audio part is now complete.
10/14/2016 - New Session 13 file put on server.  Adjusted volume during Question and Answer time for last 15 minutes of audio.  This also made the audio better for the videos.


We are expanding to 3 products this year - video on 2 media types and audio on mp3 CDs.  The video will be on DVD (same as last year) and new format of a flash drive.  According to flash drive size/ cost limitations, the best video format will be available.  The flash drive is expected to be High Definition (better than the DVD).  More to come.  Donation prices expected to be the same - videos $20 and audio $10.  Some of this may change before the series starts.
09/15/2016 - Pricing addition - if you want product mailed to you, there is a $5 additional shipping charge.  Order form will be made available both at series and online during last week of meetings.  All pricing is for a donation.
09/28/2016 - Order forms up and running.  Feel free to place an order.  We will post on the website when product is delivered to the church.
10/18/2016 - Each product will be in it's own case.  Audio CDs will be 2 mp3 data CDs in a case.  No new information yet on number of DVD discs, how big a flash drive, or number of BD discs - All 17 high quality 'edited' masters are completed.  Evaluation of DVD discs is next - calculating number of DVDs.
11/07/2016 - Totals ar
e now known - 12 DVDs to a set, 6 Blu-Ray discs to a set, size of Flash Drive is still not known. Duplicator is in house.  Cases on order soon.  Should know a delivery date soon.